Welcome to Consumer Direct New Mexico

We specialize in self-directed personal care and Mi Via consulting services. We make self-directed care easier to understand and attain.

Our professional and courteous staff will help you evaluate your needs and options. We manage the business-related services and most of the paperwork in our self-directed care service, including payroll and taxes.

Consumer Direct Personal Care strives to provide superior customer service and has helped thousands of people succeed in self-directing their own quality care while remaining in their homes and communities.

What is Consumer-Directed Personal Care?

Consumer-directed care is available to individuals who need personal care services in their home.

Self-directed care puts you in control, allowing you to arrange and direct your own services. You select and manage your caregiver who may be a trusted friend, neighbor or relative.

Individuals must be capable of directing their own services or arranging for a representative to act on their behalf.

Consumer-directed personal care services are available statewide. Spanish, Navajo, and Apache speaking staff are available.

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What is Mi Via?

Mi Via, which means “my path”, “my way” or “my road,” is New Mexico’s self-directed Medicaid Waiver program. In Mi Via, Participants direct their own services and supports with support from their Mi Via Consultant.

Mi Via Consulting Services are available statewide with Spanish Navajo-speaking staff available.

Call us for more information at 1 (866) 344-2371

2014 W-2 Information

For 2014 W-2s, the IRS requires that all W-2s be mailed to employees no later than 2/2/2015. In years past the date has been January 31st, but that date is a weekend so the deadline moves to the next business day.
Additionally, The IRS has announced that they will not begin processing 2014 tax returns until 1/20/15.

Payroll Tax Information

The new year brings a change in the take home pay of everyone receiving a paycheck. Effective 1/1/2013 the payroll tax holiday for Social Security tax has expired. This means that the Social Security tax reverts back to the pre-2011 rate of 6.2%-up from 4.2% .

Another component of the tax bill maintains the federal income tax withholding at the current levels. Any individual earning less than $400,000 and any couple earning less than $450,000 will see no additional federal income tax deducted from their paycheck. The change in the Social Security tax will be reflected on all Consumer Direct paychecks starting 1/4/2013. Please carefully review your paystub for this change.