Direct Support Professional of the Year – Caridad Abatay Image

Caridad was nominated for the Direct Service Professional of the Year award by her client’s representative, John Broaddus. She has been her client’s DSP for a little over four years. Caridad is reliable, passionate and empathetic in serving people.

In nominating Caridad for this award John stated, “Caridad always displays a genuine interest, kindness and compassion for her client. Caring for the client has required a high degree of patience and flexibility. These traits are part of Caridad’s natural temperament.”

Over the years, John has witnessed Caridad’s unwavering competence in serving the client. She is well-trusted and liked by her client. Caridad has been innovative and creative in maintaining the best possible mental and physical health for her and she is always adept at anticipating her needs. On two separate occasions, Caridad detected imminent health crises and acted upon them. Caridad’s early detection in both circumstances were instrumental in saving her client’s life.

Additionally, Caridad possesses a deep understanding of her client’s emotions and has been able to put her at ease with issues of health, life and death. Sometimes Caridad’s client experiences great distress when remembering horrific things that she witnessed during World War II. During these times, Caridad is able sooth her and helps her move away from those dark memories.

Caridad’s client always responds positively to Caridad’s enthusiastic and outgoing attitude and she has created an intellectually stimulating atmosphere for her client. For example, Caridad operates social media on a large screen computer so that her client can visually and verbally visit with her relatives in the Philippines. This experience means a lot and plays an important role maintaining her positive outlook on life. Caridad’s passion, empathy, and dependability has gone a long way in improving the quality of life for her client. It is easy to tell that Caridad’s client is appreciative of everything that Caridad does on her behalf.

Thank you, Caridad, for your reliability, passion and empathy in serving your client. Your commitment has been recognized and we are excited to honor you as one of our Direct Support Professionals of 2019!

Your Consumer Direct Care Network Team